Sunday, June 28, 2009

(5) Ballistic (adj):
(i) Of or relating to the study of the dynamics of projectiles,
(ii) Of or relating to the study of the internal action of firearms,
The United States will decide in the fall of 2000 whether to begin deployment of a limited missiles defense capable of protecting all 50 states against ballistic missiles.

(4) Balk (v): To flinch, recoil, unpleasant, dangerous
The man balking at his manager for the inconsistency in company's performance.

Syn: Demur, resist, desist, dodge
(3) Baleful (adj): Threatening evil, harmful
He disappeared into the night with a red nose and a baleful look.

Syn: Noxious, sinister, injurious, malevolent.
(2) Baffle (v): To confuse
His behavior often baffles me

Syn: Perplex, puzzle, bewilder, astound, disconcert.

B Words

(1) Badinage (n): Light playful talk, banter
Don't be irritated by the badinage

Syn: Derision, exchange, jesting, raillery.